Jersey Shore Tri Gals
About the Jersey Shore Tri Gals

Throughout the winter while most triathletes are hibernating, we have been busy preparing for the
upcoming season.  Whether you are a novice or an elite athlete, we will now be able to provide more
structured training support and networking capabilities.

Our History

In 2004, three friends decided to participate in the Danskin women's triathlon on Sandy Hook, NJ.  They
weren't sure what they were starting but their lives were changed.

In 2008, we incorporated as a 501(c)7 and The Jersey Shore Tri Gals was born.

Today, the group is over 100 women strong.  We have group ocean swims, group bike rides, seminars with
nutritionists, training sessions with running coaches, and much more!
"If the Jersey Shore Tri Gals were in charge, the world
would be a nicer place to live. Never in all my experience
dealing with large groups of women -- as a sorority
member, working for a fashion magazine, or volunteering
for our PTO -- have I encountered such encouragment
and overall goodwill. Where was the bickering, the
backstabbing and the maneuvering? It's like we all drank
the Kool Aid and got on board and were on our very best
behavior. I now believe that there's very little I cannot do
and it's not because I'm so great but because over the
course of three months I've been surrounded by women
telling me that I can. Pass the Kool Aid, I'm thirsty ..."

                                                                                                                            - Amy
W., JSTG member
Jersey Shore Tri Gals 2007