Jersey Shore Tri Gals
Lesley Corydon manages mortgage marketing at JPMorgan Chase. If any of the Tri Gals are interested in a
mortgage - either for a new home or to refinance an existing home - please
click here to send her a note or
call at 732-452-8598. She'll put you in touch with a Chase loan officer in Monmouth County who can evaluate
your individual situation and work with you.  A lot of people are looking to switch from adjustable rate "ARM"
products to fixed rates and others are looking to refinance to a lower rate in order to save money.  Others are
trying to buy second homes while the market is off.  The market is so volatile it's hard to know when rates are
going to drop, so it's a great time to talk to a loan officer and let them know your situation and they can either
help you now or call you when rates drop to the point that you can save money.
Dr. Karen Faherty is a licensed psychologist who loves what she does: working with individual adult clients
who want to break through and change limiting patterns in body, mind, heart and soul.  For more information
or a free phone consultation call her Red Bank office at (732) 747-9221.
Mary Kinch is a Licensed Massage Therapist with "magic hands."  In private practice for 20+ years, she
specializes in relaxing muscles, quieting the mind, and bringing back your inner peace.  Incorporating
massage, hot stones, CranioSacral therapy & reiki, all appointments are tailored to your needs - that day.  
Mary is also the sole practitioner of Facial Rejuvenation in NJ - an hour long pampering of your face and spirit
which whisks away stress & tension held in the physical & energetic bodies, allowing your natural radiance
to shine through.  Call Mary @ 732-687-8918 if you want to learn more, or schedule some self-care.
Janet Clapp owns Accounting 4 Success LLC which provides accounting, bookkeeping and all things
QuickBooks to small and medium businesses.  She and her team often provide Controller oriented services
to businesses who cannot afford to hire someone in that capacity on a full-time basis.  This enables the
owners to stay focused on their core business.; 908-461-4639
Would you like to post information about your company or what you do?  You must be a member of the Jersey
Shore Tri Gals in good standing.  Send an email to  Remember to include all
relevant information.